Nazis, the “alt-right” and You

I haven’t been following the news today, as I’ve been happily hanging with my gregarious boy while wifey is bonding with her buddies.

I’m horrified at what I have learned in the last 5 minutes. White Supremicists? Neo-Nazis? Who in the hell are these knuckle draggers?

Seriously, how can you have an IQ stronger than a cucumber and NOT understand that melanin content in the outer dermis (skin color) is irrelevant? This rant isn’t just aimed at the idiots waiving nazi flags, though I am particularly pissed about it because those ingrates happen to have a similar pigmentation as me. It applies to everyone who was born with skin, yet prior to birth were offered no choice whatsoever in their pigmentation. If you didn’t actually preemptively choose your race prior to birth, how can you claim pride or superiority? Or anything related to race, pro or con?

In my 49 years I have quantified exactly a zero correlation of skin color and the quality of the human being. No correlation. Birthright has also exhibited zero correlation to the quality of the human being. Same goes with every single “identity/class” I’ve run into. Sexual orientation, cultural upbringing, socioeconomic upbringing or current status, educational status, gender, political leanings/affiliations, religious beliefs… The list is endless. We are a planet of individuals. As individuals we ultimately chose who we will be, we make choices in life that define us, and we are wholly responsible for our own actions. As Americans we have the additional advantage in that we have the opportunity to be and achieve virtually anything. We control the direction of our life’s destination.

There is no place for race, nor racism, in the determination of the direction of your life.

Neither bias, preference nor prejudice, based upon any racial test, should be tolerated.

I object to these ingrates being at all affiliated with the “right” (e.g. “Alt-right”) in the same way that I assume liberals would feel about being affiliated with Kim Jong Un and N. Korea (Communist dictator).

Let’s stop the madness and end this obsession with group identity. Be unique and identify as unique. Be you. Be a fantastic human being who is uniquely you!