About Us


It’s my mantra.

(Ok, “never quit” is my mantra spelled correctly, but the domain was already taken and I didn’t want to spend the money on it!)

NevrQit looks better on tee shirts, hats and golf balls anyway!

NevrQit.com is part blog, part “how to”, part advice column (“Ask Rat Bastard”), and part forum for discussion and shared wisdom.

NevrQit.com is my attempt to build a bridge that leads from skinny jeans to camouflage; tofu burger to pit barrel cooked ribs; “white wine spritzer” to proper martinis and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  From squeamish pretty boy to rugged, competent MAN!

NevrQit is an attitude that we ALL need, and a philosophy that we MUST teach our kids because it’s the very foundation of this great nation of ours.

But perseverance and intestinal fortitude is lost in the modern world of “participation trophies”, “safe spaces”, hand sanitizers, helicopter moms, and absentee fathers. So “HERE” we are.

“HERE” is an odd cornucopia of “Man buns” (the anti-mullet?), “Satchels” (it’s a damn purse!), Vegans (humans are omnivores, not herbivores genius!), white folk with dread locks (just plain nasty looking and smelly), “Medical Marijuana cards” (issued by a chiropractor to treat your “stress”… ), and perfectly healthy young men who call AAA just to change a tire? Hell, my wife learned to change a tire and the oil when she was 15! Everyone is worried about hurt feelings, sensitivity, and “acceptance” of ridiculous nonsense!

As a result, there are far too many men these days who are woefully inadequately equipped to be… well… men.

I don’t like “HERE”.

My Answer? MAN UP!!! That will get us “THERE”.

“THERE” is where God matters, family matters, honor matters, courage matters, the law matters, and knowledge and skill matter.  It’s the place where the best of the fathers, grand fathers, great grandfathers, and likely every man before him used to be. It’s a place where hard work, self reliance, pride, integrity and true grit are a proper measure of a man. THERE is where brazen masculinity seamlessly commingles with virtuous chivalry.


Teach and Live as a strong, tough, honorable, knowledgeable man – a gentleman – that fixes things, problem solves, serves, protects and cherishes women, children and families in the same manner as the best of our forefathers! It is imbedded in your DNA, you must simply find it! As the content of NevrQit.com grows, it’s my hope you will find it here!

I acknowledge that, sadly, there will always be a few effeminate, vegan men in yoga pants out there, and men and women who are attracted to “him”. If that’s you, you are probably in the wrong place! Nevertheless, I welcome you to look, learn, debate, participate and contribute. Even better if you decide to ditch the tofu and embrace your inner carnivore! After all, God created bone-in Rib Eye’s so we can grill and eat them! I firmly believe that manliness is “trending up” and “metrosexual” is on the way out (my apologies to Ryan Seacrest.).


(*As long as you abide by the rules of honor)

If you are vulgar, rude, disrespectful, bigoted or in any other way whatsoever dishonorable, you are NOT welcome here.

Imbeciles, in particular, are not welcome here because you are unable to overcome your ignorance, not even in the face of logic and intelligence . If you do not know you are an imbecile, but you display the tendencies, it’s extremely likely that your condition will be politely brought to your attention here. The good news, if that happens, is you might just be an idiot, or ignorant, both of which can be cured with proper application of logic and gentle persuasion!

If any part of the last paragraph offends you: 1) you have no sense of humor, and/or 2) you may – in fact – actually be an imbecile.

In both cases, please type in “unicorn” or “fairy dust” in your search engine and press “return” or “enter”, whichever is applicable to your keyboard. This was a good talk, but it’s time for you to go… the upside is your mommy might have some hot pockets waiting for you, just make sure you yell loud enough for her to hear you calling from the basement…

For the rest of you that are still here, a hearty welcome to you, brothers and sisters! I hope you enjoy NevrQit.com!


Rat Bastard

(Husband of the Woman of my Dreams)