Basic Man Skills you need to have

This is an incomplete list that will grow with time and content.

Having said that, EVERY modern man needs to know some of the basics that your grandpappy probably knew “how to” do by the time he was old enough to vote… here are a few, in no particular order:

  1. Pray
  2. love
  3. work
  4. build a campfire
  5. chop wood with an ax or hatchet
  6. tie basic knots
  7. properly sharpen a knife
  8. safely use a knife
  9. rig a fishing rod
  10. find fishing bait
  11. clean a fish
  12. find a game trail
  13. track a game animal
  14. field dress a deer
  15. field dress small game
  16. pick a campsite
  17. pitch a tent
  18. build a fire pit
  19. pitch an emergency shelter
  20. change a flat tire
  21. change the oil
  22. tune up a car
  23. use hand tools
  24. use power tools
  25. safely run a chainsaw
  26. build a shed
  27. launch a boat
  28. handle a canoe
  29. hang drywall
  30. frame a house
  31. build a garden
  32. handle reptiles
  33. grill a proper steak
  34. cook a meal from scratch
  35. accurately shoot a rifle
  36. accurately shoot a pistol
  37. avoid a fight
  38. win a fight
  39. dress for success
  40. dress for leisure
  41. make a proper martini
  42. order wine at a restaurant
  43. properly light a cigar
  44. lead by example

Want to know “how do I do that?!”

There’s a little empty space at the top left hand corner of your computer screen. It’s the portal to what some call the “GOOGLE MACHINE”. It’s like magic… type in your “How do I…” and the GOOGLE MACHINE provides pages and pages of answers. In fact, GOOGLE MACHINE’S cousin, YOUTUBE more than likely has a visual answer to your innermost questions! Try it. It might work.

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