“BREXIT” – Penned Thursday night (11:30 PM) 6/23/16

“Brexit” vote is in. Tomorrow will be a very volatile day for the markets.
Aside from the short term financial impacts, I think there is a very deep sociological/cultural meaning to this vote. Politically I think it’s a rebuke – of sorts – of the concept of socialism from a macro economic perspective. The fiscal irresponsibility of Greece, Portugal, et al has been profoundly felt within the more responsible nations within the Euro. It would not surprise me to see a similar movement brew in Germany (pun intended).
But perhaps the more profound message to this vote may actually be a rebuke of open borders, the relaxing of national security efforts, and the cultural erosion that much of Europe has experienced.
I doubt you’ll hear much talk on the subject (it’s very politically incorrect to discuss, don’tcha know), but the impact of the Sharia Law motivated Muslim immigrants, who are unwilling to accept the native culture, laws and traditions, is leaving a profound impression on many Europeans. The Brits are neither blind to the culture clash in France (the infamous “Muslim ghettos” where French law enforcement no longer enters) nor have they been immune to it themselves.
I don’t consider that to be a “racial” issue whatsoever. My experience with Brits is that they are among the most racially accepting and UN-biased folks I’ve run into. I also would not consider it to be a “religious” issue from a classic definition. “Islam” is both a religion and a political/ideological movement. There are indeed Muslim faithful who are religious but not political (call it “non-caliphate” Islamists). I’m not sure anyone can accurately put a number or percentage that these good folks represent. But they are out there, they are our friends, neighbor’s and co-workers.
However, there is a significant population of the “pro-caliphate” Islamists, who are clearly on a global mission to segregate themselves first, then conquer us. The correlation/connection to the “non-caliphate” faction is a tragedy, but it’s real and unavoidable. It’s not unlike the tainted image that Germans – as a people – were painted as a result of the Nazi movement.
To that problem, the only answer I see is for non-caliphate Muslims to cleanse themselves from the cancer within, just as the Germans should have rejected and destroyed the toxicity of Naziism before it took over.
“Brexit”, I believe, is a complete rejection – albeit by a slight majority – of political, social and fiscal “progressive liberalism”.
Only time will tell how much punishment the “progressives” will dole out on Great Britain for their defiance to the new world order. But mark my words, our friends will suffer dearly for their insubordination.
It will be VERY interesting in the coming days to see how Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton respond and spin this historic event and its meaning… Don’t expect them to acknowledge the merits behind the vote. Rather, I expect a typical dismissal of the vote as ignorant, xenophobic and “regressive” that “sets back progress….”. There will certainly be claims of “hanging chad” proportions, as well as a demand for a new vote on a day that the rain isn’t so bad….
I suspect Mr. Trump – in all of his brash, unfiltered and unrefined style – will have a relatively “spot on” analysis of the true meaning of the vote, and will also be summarily vilified as a “RACIST!!!!” for his efforts.
(Never mind that “Muslim” and “Islamist” is not a race.)
“Muslim” and “Islam” refer to a religion, not a race. (Unless you are referring to “ISIS”, “ISIL”, Al Qaida, Boco Haram or “the Caliphate” – which are not in any way related to the peaceful religion…).
I wonder what would happen if we had a national referendum on NAFTA? Or the UN?…

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