BREXIT “reporting” on CNN the

Wanted to see what the New World Order press would say about Brexit, so I’ve tuned into CNN. The contrast between them and Fox is staggering. Fox is discussing the issues, CNN is discussing how stupid the Brit voters are. Christiane Amanpour is calling the vote racist and anti-immigration, and twisting the meaning of the facts. For instance, she is saying that the voters who are expecting a change in immigration policy are going to be disappointed because “more than half of Britain’s immigration comes from outside the EU”.
That’s true! But she’s implying that because they come from outside the EU, that it must not be directly correlated to EU policy. That is a false. Once you are in the EU, you are free to travel among EU member nations. The “country of origin” doesn’t change (non-EU), but they may be in countries other than their original entry point because of the EU borderless policy.
Shameful “

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