Nazis, the “alt-right” and You

I haven’t been following the news today, as I’ve been happily hanging with my gregarious boy while wifey is bonding with her buddies.

I’m horrified at what I have learned in the last 5 minutes. White Supremicists? Neo-Nazis? Who in the hell are these knuckle draggers?

Seriously, how can you have an IQ stronger than a cucumber and NOT understand that melanin content in the outer dermis (skin color) is irrelevant? This rant isn’t just aimed at the idiots waiving nazi flags, though I am particularly pissed about it because those ingrates happen to have a similar pigmentation as me. It applies to everyone who was born with skin, yet prior to birth were offered no choice whatsoever in their pigmentation. If you didn’t actually preemptively choose your race prior to birth, how can you claim pride or superiority? Or anything related to race, pro or con?

In my 49 years I have quantified exactly a zero correlation of skin color and the quality of the human being. No correlation. Birthright has also exhibited zero correlation to the quality of the human being. Same goes with every single “identity/class” I’ve run into. Sexual orientation, cultural upbringing, socioeconomic upbringing or current status, educational status, gender, political leanings/affiliations, religious beliefs… The list is endless. We are a planet of individuals. As individuals we ultimately chose who we will be, we make choices in life that define us, and we are wholly responsible for our own actions. As Americans we have the additional advantage in that we have the opportunity to be and achieve virtually anything. We control the direction of our life’s destination.

There is no place for race, nor racism, in the determination of the direction of your life.

Neither bias, preference nor prejudice, based upon any racial test, should be tolerated.

I object to these ingrates being at all affiliated with the “right” (e.g. “Alt-right”) in the same way that I assume liberals would feel about being affiliated with Kim Jong Un and N. Korea (Communist dictator).

Let’s stop the madness and end this obsession with group identity. Be unique and identify as unique. Be you. Be a fantastic human being who is uniquely you!

The Assassination Blame Game

By now it is well known that the shootings that took place on a baseball field in Washington DC were a direct assassination attempt, based solely on political affiliation. No different than the assassination attempts on police officers in Dallas.

The assassin hated “Republicans”, conservative fiscal policies and ideals, and “the Rich”. I’m guessing he was no fan of the Clintons either, though I doubt seriously that there will be much discussion about that.

The scary thing is that the vitriolic hatred that this man carried is neither isolated nor unique. It’s commonplace. In fact in many areas, especially the wealthy urban areas like mine, it’s in Vogue to proliferate such hatred – especially towards ANY and ALL things that can be remotely affiliated with Donald J. Trump.

Of course we won’t see any reporting of this alarming truth. I think it would be too graphic for the sensitive eyes of today’s “progressives” to have to look into a mirror and see who they have become. It would force them to see that this monster’s actions are being SUPPORTED – by them and their peers – albeit with a degree of subtlety. The evidence is their own reaction to the tragedy (as it echoes across Facebook land among their #tolerance, #notmypresident, #resist, #blacklivesmatter buddies): “How awful that he could obtain a gun, but who can blame him for wanting to do it” and “this is just the beginning”. After all, “those Republicans have it coming”. Moreover, this is categorically “Trump’s” fault. Many are not so subtle, the proof of which is evident in the “comments” section of nearly every video post of Paul Ryan’s speech on the subject.

This alternate world of thinking is, in fact, mainstream “progressive” thought. These are the same folks who would ban the likes of VIce President Mike Pence from speaking on a University campus. Somehow the existence of an opposing political perspective (a traditional American perspective at that) is now “hate speech” deserving of censorship?These are the same folks driving the Prius’ and the Suburus with the “coexist” bumper stickers! Ironic, isn’t it?

No, we won’t hear a peep about any of that.

What we WILL hear is that, in effect, this is YOUR fault. You haven’t accepted liberal thought, and that’s just mean spirited ignorance. Such ignorance is so frustrating that it drove the shooter to action.

You’ll also hear we need more “gun control”. If we only had more gun control, none of this would have happened. Heck, there are too many guns, and they are too easy to get, and this guy never should have been able to buy one because he had a “criminal record”…he legitimately beat up a woman, brandished a shotgun and fired it indoors (reported to be a domestic disturbance related to his underage daughter and her boyfriend’s mother), had a dui, plus other offenses, but he was never prosecuted/convicted? We probably won’t hear why those charges were dropped, and it won’t likely be reported that without a felony conviction or restraining order his gun ownership was legal, because that would go against the agenda.

Most importantly, you aren’t supposed to ask HOW “more gun control” would have prevented this assault because there isn’t a rational answer. And the “progressive” religion states that you must believe, not question.

You’ll also hear that the vitriolic political environment is also your fault if you are a conservative. They will argue about when and why you caused it. Was it by getting personal with Bill Clinton, or the Swift Boat scandal of John Kerry, or maybe “Monkey Business” and Gary Hart? Certainly it must have been the “birther” questions of Obama, and the dogged, unfair and sexist attacks on poor Hillary, Huma and “Carlos Danger”.

The subtle message will be, “You started it and you are now getting what you deserve.” And the spin and hyperbole will press on and thrive, and you will be tempted to capitulate. You will want to remain silent. You will want to ignore the attacks on liberty and logic, in the hopes that the shrill voices of intolerance will eventually run out of steam.

You would be wrong.

Irrespective of who is POTUS, we must truly resolve to make America Great Again.

The “I” word, Trump and the “Fiduciary Politician”

By now it should be abundantly clear to anyone paying attention that Donald J. Trump (the Legitimate, duly elected President of these formerly United States of America) is under attack from all sides. And it’s no surprise. In his inaugural address to our great nation, he effectively declared WAR against the Washington Establishment. This “War Cry” was entirely endorsed and sanctioned by an estimated 62,979,636 people.

But make no mistake.

There are NOT 62 Million+ American voters who think/thought that Mr. Trump is/was “THE MOST QUALIFIED” person to occupy the White House. To the contrary, I think most of those voters (rightfully) believed that from a Political Perspective – the perspective of the Beltway Insiders – that Mr. Trump was a disastrous candidate for President! And 62+ Million voters were correct. Mr. Trump was, and most certainly IS, a terrible Political Candidate.

I think most who voted for him don’t really like him – at least the public persona that has been painted. I’m one of them. He was NOT my first, second nor third choice of candidates on the Republican ticket. Probably not the 4th or 5th, but I never counted. I can’t say that I have ever voted for a Democrat, but that’s more a factor of the party than it is for a particular candidate. But I could vote for a Democrat, despite my very conservative ideology. I’m not so naive nor arrogant to think that I am ALWAYS right. (“Nearly Always Right” is more accurate, but I digress…). I once met Seth Moulton , who was a Democratic candidate for congress at the time (he is now a Massachusetts Congressman), and is the former college roommate of a good friend of mine. I would vote for Seth if I could, even though he is dead wrong on a few (already decided) key issues. Because I think he is there for the right reasons: To genuinely address and attack real problems, irrespective of personal gains. I call that kind of person a “Fiduciary Politician”.

Enough about Seth (he’s dead wrong on his absurd “gun control” position anyway.)

Trump is neither Republican nor Democrat. Not a Conservative or Liberal from an ideological perspective. In point of fact, he has little (it seems) political ideology. I think it’s fair to say that he is nothing more than a serial “deal maker”. A “salesman” through and through. He seems to LIVE for the “deal”, for the “win”, and for the “sale”. Ironically, these are not in conflict with my definition of a “Fiduciary Politician”. So long as the result is an improvement in governance, I am relatively unconcerned with who gets the credit for it. And that is why I voted for Trump.

Warts and all (there are MANY), he is currently the sole warrior willing to go against “The System”. I don’t and won’t always support the man – nor his political positions – but I support his “cause”. Washington – the Establishment – is irreparably broken. In case you have been caught up in the media driven anti-Trump frenzy, he is Not Hitler, the Anti-Christ nor some evil world conquerer. Hell, OPRAH has been begging Donald to run for POTUS for 20+ years! Queen Oprah is hardly a surrogate for conservative Icon William Buckley.

Again, I digress. Sorry…

Donald Trump is a “logical pragmatist”. He looks at a problem, thinks of the possible solutions and the likelihood of a “deal”, then the odds of failure. If the odds of failure are too high, he moves on. Punts. Deflects. Distracts. Changes the narrative. Changes the NEWS! ALWAYS!!!!

Except now.

Now he is President Trump. And he wants to “Drain the Swamp”.

I think he knew from the beginning that his war against the Washington Establishment was a virtual guarantee of failure. I think he knowingly decided to be a modern day Don Quixote, charging full force at the good ‘ol boys’ “Windmills” (the Establishment way of Governing). He knew that those “Windmills” would be moved and concealed. Be denied. Be defended. His failed attempts to fell his foes would be heralded! His assertion of “windmills” would be publicly denied, and he would be mocked and jeered.

And vilified.

And Oh!, how he has been vilified! Just remember that The Establishment – which includes BOTH the right and the left (the whole bunch: Schumer, McConnell and Paul Ryan) – have much to protect. They have their precious “windmills” of power and they WILL NOT let anyone, let alone a Washington Outsider (and someone who used to pay-to-play) challenge their dominion.

And so here we are, watching as the establishment tries desperately to besmirch old Don Quixote! Through “anonymous sources close to the White House” and “Senior White House staff on the condition of anonominity” we are being assaulted with wild tales of subversive behavior and possible Treason!

Should Trump face Impeachment?

YES!!!! IF he is actually guilty of an actual crime.

But we all know he is not.

Being a narcissist is not a crime. Being a shameless self promoter is not a crime. Being a “small” man with small hands is not a crime. Funny thing is, that self promoting narcissist who is concerned about his – err – “hands” is making a REAL positive impact on the Domestic and Global stage. Like it or not, and despite the rabid enthusiasm of the media (in coordination with BOTH sides of the establishment), that narcissistic asshat is tilting some serious windmills!

I say, “Tilt On!” President Trump! While you may be ideologically agnostic, and a man whom I do not actually like, in the end YOUR Windmills are MY Windmills!

And if you can’t see the “Windmills” in our midst, YOU are part of the problem!


Stupid Little Fishing Boat

This boy. This smile. This memory, one of a few thousand, I hope. Some of you know that my father (Ralph) passed away in December. Some of you also know of the failures and limitations of Ralph as a father, and my desire to break that chain and to be the Dad to Jason that I wish Ralph could have been for me.

Ralph left a very modest inheritance to his three grandsons, including Jason (who he never met, nor spoke to). I am the executor of his trust. His explicit instructions were for his grandsons to use their inheritance however they wished, in such a way that would bring them happiness. Happiness is something that eluded Ralph during the majority of his life.

This smile, this day, shared with his adoring father, on a small aluminum fishing boat acquired via inheritance from a stranger named “Ralph”. It’s a smile and a memory that his own father yearned for more than 40 years ago that never happened.

And so the chain is broken.

And this modest little aluminum boat, skippered by this precocious “soon-to-be” 8 year old, with his “first mate” Dad assisting with navigation is the vessel that will carry 10 years – maybe even 20 years – of smiles, memories, tall tails and fish lost. But most of all a little glue to the bond between a father and a son.

Yes, boats are bad investments. Yes, a few thousand could have been added to his college fund in lieu of a stupid boat.

But that smile. These memories. The future memories. The connection that we shared last Sunday, and every other possible day that we can fit in, for as long as he will fish with me in that silly little aluminum boat?


Thank you Ralph.

Regarding Comey

Comey has repeatedly stated that President Trump is not a subject of an investigation. EVEN IF HE IS, replacing the head of the FBI would have absolutely NO BEARING on an ongoing investigation!

Democrats are pretending that Comey is the only person in the bureau that is handling the investigations!

It’s utter HOGWASH and they know it. But their sheeple apparently believe such non-sense?

This, from Flagstaff (Arizona) Law Enforcement Officer’s Association

“We wanted to share with you all a situation one of our members encountered while at the HARKINS THEATRE in FLAGSTAFF within the last couple weeks.

Our member, who is a State Certified Sworn Peace Officer, was off-duty and at Harkins where they were contacted by Harkins Management about a firearm they had concealed on their person. They were advised they had to be escorted out of the theatre to put the firearm away before they could return inside. Management was made clearly aware at the time of this members status and certification as a peace officer but this ultimately did not matter as they were advised it was Harkins policy and the member ultimately left and did not return.

We find this unbelievable. Police Officers take an oath to serve and protect the community on duty and off. With the trend of Active Shooters since Columbine High School, this makes absolutely no sense. Research the Trolley Square Mall Shooting in 2007 that occurred in Salt Lake City, UT and you will see how an armed off-duty Police Officer saved countless lives that day by engaging an Active Shooter inside of the mall while off-duty before uniformed police officers arrived.

Police Officers live very hyper-vigilant lives on and off duty and removing an armed off duty sworn police officer from the theater, who is probably the most trained and efficient person, who WILL take action to deal with the situation of a shooting or active shooter, is ridiculous. Aurora, CO, which occurred at a movie theater, could have potentially saved a lot of lives if there was an armed off-duty police officer in the theater.

George W. Bush’s signing of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act in 2004 enabled Active and Retired Officers in the United States to conceal carry a firearm throughout the country with certain limitations. But for whatever reason, 12 yrs later with countless more deaths from these monsters and Active Shooters throughout the country, an off-duty Police Officer is going to be told they cannot carry a concealed firearm while inside Harkins. Do you think every one of these monsters and worthless beings who have committed mass murder and active shooting events have paid attention to any sign barring firearms from their property or someone telling them they could not do something!?!?

A letter is being sent from this Member to Harkins Theatre Corporate and we will ensure to update all of you on the response. Thanks and stay safe!”

I can’t help but to mourn the loss of common sense at the hands of the imbeciles who think a “GUN FREE” zone is anything other than a SOFT TARGET for bad guys! Who in their right mind would NOT want an armed off duty officer in their midst in an otherwise defenseless position?

This is pure insanity.