Cool Links, products and sites

This is a growing, if random, list of things to consider perusing: (This is a merchandise link to the Broadhead Brotherhood, a closed Facebook group of more than 9,000 mostly bowhunters, originating in Arizona but with a national footprint. The merchandise is cool, and the group is even better!) (makers of the finest hunting backpack system I’ve ever laid a hand on. Easily handles more than your back will agree to. I personally carried a mature quartered Mule Deer buck in one trip at 9,800′ over serious high country terrain. Their packs are the real deal. The proof? I survived the pack out!) (You MUST own one of these. It’s a perfect compliment to your gas grill, and will surpass your expectations. If you have an SUV or a pickup, it does double duty as a traveling cooker, with exceptional “hands-off” results. Ribs, Tri-tip, chicken, turkey or even brisket. Can you say “TAILGATE”!)