“Manskills” resource center

This is tricky stuff, so lean in and listen close…

– there is a place on your web browser that allows you to type something. If you don’t know something, try typing in that little space something like, “how do I” or “how to” followed by the basic skill you need to understand.

Magically, “Google” or “Bing” will provide you with multiple opportunities to pull your head out of your ass! More likely than not, a few folks will even show a video of how they fixed, created or solved your burning question.

Alternately, you can go old school and research it in a book. Better yet, visit your GrandPappy or your Old Man if you are lucky enough to still have them around, and ask them! Then make sure to pass the ManSkills to  your buddies, your nephews, your neighbor’s kids – and especially your kids! Bonus points if you share the skills with the females in your life! Every man knows that women who are “Tomboys” are simply the best!