The Assassination Blame Game

By now it is well known that the shootings that took place on a baseball field in Washington DC were a direct assassination attempt, based solely on political affiliation. No different than the assassination attempts on police officers in Dallas.

The assassin hated “Republicans”, conservative fiscal policies and ideals, and “the Rich”. I’m guessing he was no fan of the Clintons either, though I doubt seriously that there will be much discussion about that.

The scary thing is that the vitriolic hatred that this man carried is neither isolated nor unique. It’s commonplace. In fact in many areas, especially the wealthy urban areas like mine, it’s in Vogue to proliferate such hatred – especially towards ANY and ALL things that can be remotely affiliated with Donald J. Trump.

Of course we won’t see any reporting of this alarming truth. I think it would be too graphic for the sensitive eyes of today’s “progressives” to have to look into a mirror and see who they have become. It would force them to see that this monster’s actions are being SUPPORTED – by them and their peers – albeit with a degree of subtlety. The evidence is their own reaction to the tragedy (as it echoes across Facebook land among their #tolerance, #notmypresident, #resist, #blacklivesmatter buddies): “How awful that he could obtain a gun, but who can blame him for wanting to do it” and “this is just the beginning”. After all, “those Republicans have it coming”. Moreover, this is categorically “Trump’s” fault. Many are not so subtle, the proof of which is evident in the “comments” section of nearly every video post of Paul Ryan’s speech on the subject.

This alternate world of thinking is, in fact, mainstream “progressive” thought. These are the same folks who would ban the likes of VIce President Mike Pence from speaking on a University campus. Somehow the existence of an opposing political perspective (a traditional American perspective at that) is now “hate speech” deserving of censorship?These are the same folks driving the Prius’ and the Suburus with the “coexist” bumper stickers! Ironic, isn’t it?

No, we won’t hear a peep about any of that.

What we WILL hear is that, in effect, this is YOUR fault. You haven’t accepted liberal thought, and that’s just mean spirited ignorance. Such ignorance is so frustrating that it drove the shooter to action.

You’ll also hear we need more “gun control”. If we only had more gun control, none of this would have happened. Heck, there are too many guns, and they are too easy to get, and this guy never should have been able to buy one because he had a “criminal record”…he legitimately beat up a woman, brandished a shotgun and fired it indoors (reported to be a domestic disturbance related to his underage daughter and her boyfriend’s mother), had a dui, plus other offenses, but he was never prosecuted/convicted? We probably won’t hear why those charges were dropped, and it won’t likely be reported that without a felony conviction or restraining order his gun ownership was legal, because that would go against the agenda.

Most importantly, you aren’t supposed to ask HOW “more gun control” would have prevented this assault because there isn’t a rational answer. And the “progressive” religion states that you must believe, not question.

You’ll also hear that the vitriolic political environment is also your fault if you are a conservative. They will argue about when and why you caused it. Was it by getting personal with Bill Clinton, or the Swift Boat scandal of John Kerry, or maybe “Monkey Business” and Gary Hart? Certainly it must have been the “birther” questions of Obama, and the dogged, unfair and sexist attacks on poor Hillary, Huma and “Carlos Danger”.

The subtle message will be, “You started it and you are now getting what you deserve.” And the spin and hyperbole will press on and thrive, and you will be tempted to capitulate. You will want to remain silent. You will want to ignore the attacks on liberty and logic, in the hopes that the shrill voices of intolerance will eventually run out of steam.

You would be wrong.

Irrespective of who is POTUS, we must truly resolve to make America Great Again.

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