This, from Flagstaff (Arizona) Law Enforcement Officer’s Association

“We wanted to share with you all a situation one of our members encountered while at the HARKINS THEATRE in FLAGSTAFF within the last couple weeks.

Our member, who is a State Certified Sworn Peace Officer, was off-duty and at Harkins where they were contacted by Harkins Management about a firearm they had concealed on their person. They were advised they had to be escorted out of the theatre to put the firearm away before they could return inside. Management was made clearly aware at the time of this members status and certification as a peace officer but this ultimately did not matter as they were advised it was Harkins policy and the member ultimately left and did not return.

We find this unbelievable. Police Officers take an oath to serve and protect the community on duty and off. With the trend of Active Shooters since Columbine High School, this makes absolutely no sense. Research the Trolley Square Mall Shooting in 2007 that occurred in Salt Lake City, UT and you will see how an armed off-duty Police Officer saved countless lives that day by engaging an Active Shooter inside of the mall while off-duty before uniformed police officers arrived.

Police Officers live very hyper-vigilant lives on and off duty and removing an armed off duty sworn police officer from the theater, who is probably the most trained and efficient person, who WILL take action to deal with the situation of a shooting or active shooter, is ridiculous. Aurora, CO, which occurred at a movie theater, could have potentially saved a lot of lives if there was an armed off-duty police officer in the theater.

George W. Bush’s signing of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act in 2004 enabled Active and Retired Officers in the United States to conceal carry a firearm throughout the country with certain limitations. But for whatever reason, 12 yrs later with countless more deaths from these monsters and Active Shooters throughout the country, an off-duty Police Officer is going to be told they cannot carry a concealed firearm while inside Harkins. Do you think every one of these monsters and worthless beings who have committed mass murder and active shooting events have paid attention to any sign barring firearms from their property or someone telling them they could not do something!?!?

A letter is being sent from this Member to Harkins Theatre Corporate and we will ensure to update all of you on the response. Thanks and stay safe!”

I can’t help but to mourn the loss of common sense at the hands of the imbeciles who think a “GUN FREE” zone is anything other than a SOFT TARGET for bad guys! Who in their right mind would NOT want an armed off duty officer in their midst in an otherwise defenseless position?

This is pure insanity. 

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