Welcome to the NevrQit Tribe!

I’m just a guy. A pretty regular guy, actually. Sort of… I am a country music loving, bow hunting, harley riding, fly fishing red neck with aspirations of acquiring the skills of a chef, a sommelier and a brew master. I wear a suit and tie daily, yet I yearn for quiet woods, good camouflage, comfortable boots and solitude to bow hunt big game, preferably alone. I have a deep appreciation for Churchill, Hemingway, classic music and chivalry, and all things “civilized”. I have an equal fondness and appreciation for the skills, common sense,  attitude and pure determination of the bygone generations of men and women who cleared the path that has led “THERE”. That’s where we used to be, and that’s where we need to return.

This site is all about getting us back to THERE. But by now, you should know that…

This is my gig, so everything here is provided from the perspective of a Rat Bastard, self righteous, dude with a purpose: help make men look, act and think more like a man used to. More like a man should.

If you are female member of this tribe, you get extra respect! “Tom Boys” make the best wives. Ever! And, your skills and knowledge will raise the bar, and FORCE men to become men! That’s what you want, that’s what this great nation needs, and that’s the purpose of my $10.99/year investment in this domain!

I welcome you to look, learn, debate, participate and contribute. Anything that helps make us better men belongs here. That includes rational, spirited debate, especially political discourse. It’s my intention to have several forums available that delve into a variety of topics and “shares” ranging from wine appreciation to wild game butchering and cooking techniques. If you have a skill or perspective that helps to get us THERE, bring it and share it! The more content, and the more variety of content, the better!

Again, a hearty welcome to you, brothers and sisters! I hope you enjoy NevrQit!

Rat Bastard

One Reply to “Welcome to the NevrQit Tribe!”

  1. Rat Bastard's Wifey

    I’m so proud of you Love for putting yourself out there. You are one of the most thoughtful, articulate communicators I know. Even if I don’t always agree with your rhetoric, I love that you created a forum to share, debate, ponder, verbalize, etc. opinions. You have much to say so say it. I will always respect and love you (even if I don’t always agree with you). The beauty of being an American and living in our great country is that we don’t have to agree; we can be heard regardless. You go Rat Bastard! Get on with your bad self.

    Love always,

    Your Nishizzle


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